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Find out which wedding package is right for you

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Craig y Nos Castle - select the best Wales Wedding Package for you

Which Wedding Package?

Which Wedding Package for my Budget ...
What will my Budget Buy?

Why pay up to 30% more
to marry at most other venues -

when you can marry at Craig y Nos Castle
for 30% less?  

For a Budget of £3,200
See our Simple 2024 Castle Wedding Offer. Up to end 2024. You'll need 40 day guests with 20 staying overnight.

Includes Wedding Breakfast, Light Evening Buffet & Welcome Drinks.
I can only spend £4,000
This budget is fine for 2024 wedding dates. Your Best Option is the Afternoon Tea & Buffet Package for 40 guests. You can book this on any Sun or Weds-Thur or any empty weekend in next 6 months.
My Budget is £4,500
For this you have a bit more choice, mainly though you still need to look at the Offers. Check out the Last Minute Deal - 50 guests, any date in next 6 months
I can stretch to £5,000
Options are now a Last Minute for more guests, or our Intimate Wedding Package for 25 guests for either 2024 (£4500) or 2025 (£5000)
I can go to £5,500
This gives you a Last Minute Wedding Package for over 60 day guests, or the Intimate for 30-35 guests (2024), or the Intimate for 25 guests in 2026, or the Tea & Buffet Package for around 60 guests in 2025 or 2026.
My Budget is £6,000
Options: 1. Larger Last Minute, 2. Larger Intimate, 3. Larger Tea & Buffet wedding. This budget is a bit low to push ahead into 2025 and 2026 other than with Intimate Wedding Package & the great value Afternoon Tea & Buffet wedding.
Budget £7,000
With this Budget, you can book a midweek (Sun to Thurs) wedding in 2025 for 50 - 52 guests. This is a full traditional wedding day and evening wedding package.
Budget £8,000
This will allow a Midweek Wedding for 50 guests in 2026, or 60 guests in 2025 - a full day and evening wedding package.
Budget around £9,000
Choose either the Midweek Package for higher numbers or later years, or the Friday wedding package for 60 guests in either 2025 or 2026.
Budget around £10,000
Now you have a wider range of options - Last Minute, Intimate, Midweek, Friday, all with higher numbers, or even a Saturday Wedding for 70 guests in 2025-2026
Budget £11,000
Wide range of options as per previous slides, including a Saturday Wedding for 80 guests in 2025, or 70 guests in 2026.
Budget £12,000-£14,000
Steadily increases your numbers! Choose between a Friday or Saturday wedding, at lower numbers in later years, or higher numbers in earlier years.
Budget £14,000-£15,000
You are now eligible for the VIP Exclusive Two Day Wedding in 2025. Incredibly, this £32,000 value wedding, due to almost £10,000 worth of discounts and high accommodation use by your guests, actually costs you as the Couple, under £14,000
£16,000-£18,000 or more
Massive choice but the 3 best packages to go for are the Saturday Wedding for higher numbers, or if you've lots of people staying, the Weekend VIP package, for two full days (70 guests or more). Finally, if you've fewer guests staying but have over 100 guests, see the Ultimate Wedding Package. This starts at £17.5k for 100 guests in 2025, or £19k for 100 guests in 2026.
Surprised? In fact, our rates are around 30% lower.
Has this Budget Planner surprised you? Rest assured, other equivalent venues have higher tariffs. But if you find otherwise, and you truly desire a castle wedding, we WILL price match!

Which Wedding Package
is best for me ...
based on my Guest Numbers?

Use table to see what's included
and cost, based on guest numbers
Min No. Day Guest
Min No. stay over-night
Wedding Package
Click for what's included

Click for Terms
Wedding Package Click
for Tariffs
4020Castle Wedding Offer 24TermsTariff
5020Last MinTermsTariff
25Army NHS TermsTariff
10020Evening Only TermsTariff

Go directly to the Wedding Package Table for tariff and what is included for each wedding package.

Check out the package that best suits your numbers and preferred day of the week -read more here.

Which Wedding Package?
How to Choose

Lots of Choice

We have a wide choice of Castle Wedding Packages. Larger weddings are held at weekends and smaller weddings are midweek. Each wedding package is exclusive to the Wedding of the Day - we only allow one wedding a day at the castle.

  • Inflation Warning: Book your wedding date now to lock in current rates.  In times of high inflation you'll save more money by booking your date now, rather than putting things off  - read more.

Stay Overnight

Your Wedding in a Castle

Guests who stay overnight
are not going to rush home early on your wedding day

You'll all Party Late
in your own private Castle!

...and your guests can even stay the 'night before' at a 30% discount

When guests stay,
they won't be in a rush to go home.

So you’ll all be partying till late!

Weddings held close to where guests live tend to finish early - as guests living locally will want to 'go home'.  

Choosing a Local Venue ‘near you’, may seem more convenient, but can lead to a disappointingly early finish.  

We are not a 'local wedding venue' – we’re a destination venue!  You've a bit of journey to get here, but then you'll all make a full day and night of it.

Having everyone stay overnight means your day won’t peter out by early evening.

Rock the night away Craig y Nos!  
Party till late!

Evening Wedding Package Wedding Venue South Wales Craig y Nos Castle
Wedding Venue South Wales Craig y Nos Castle Evening Wedding Package
Which wedding package
will work for you best based on:

3. How many guests will stay overnight?

4. Are you prepared to choose a Last Minute Wedding Date?

Choose which wedding package will be right for you, based on your numbers, your budget, which year you want to get married, and your preferred day of week, etc.

Choose your Wedding Package
based on Guest Numbers

(1) Guest Numbers

How many day guests at your wedding:

Benefit: The more guests you have, the more choice on day of week.

Saturday Weddings have min. 70 day guests, Fridays min. 60 day guests, Weekdays 50.

Smaller weddings held midweek - weekends are for larger weddings.
On Guest Numbers

0-24 Guests
Below 25, not eligible for a 'Wedding Package'.

25-49 Guests

40 or more Guests
For a tea & evening buffet in place of traditional Wedding Breakfast
(Sundays, Weds & Thurs & Last Minute Weekends)

50 or more Guests

60 or more Guests

70 or more Guests

Max No. Day Guests in Conservatory is 130 and in Function room 150. Evening Guest numbers up to 200.

Choose your Wedding Package
based on Day of Week

(2) On Day of Week

Which day of week to get married?

Min. 70 day guests.

Min. 60 day guests.

Two Day Wedding
Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday
Min. 70 Dinner, B&B both nights, &
Min. 70 guests at wedding.

Sunday & Weds-Thursday
(Min. 50 day guests)

or the
(Min. 25 day guests).

Sunday & Weds - Thurs
(& last minute weekends)

Choose your Wedding Package
based on Accommodation Guarantee

(3) On Number of overnight Guests

How many guests will stay night?

Important Benefit: Accommodation use allows discounted Venue Hire. With enough guests staying overnight, venue hire greatly reduced.

If none / few want to stay

A: At 100 guests or more - see Ultimate Wedding Package - has low overnight guest requirement.

B: For 25-49 guests - see Intimate Wedding Package - has no overnight guest requirement.

C: For 50-99 guests with none to stay overnight - speak to Wedding Planner about our Bespoke Regular Wedding Tariff. But for best value, find a suitable wedding package & either subsidise guests accommodation or pay a top-up to meet accommodation guarantee.  

20 or more to stay overnight

A: Last Minute Weddings: If date is within next 6 - 7 months, see Last Minute Wedding Package. Min. 50 day guests with Min. 20 overnight.

B: Sunday - Wednesday: see Tea & Evening Buffet Wedding Package. Min. 40 day guests with Min. 20 overnight. A tea and buffet alternative to traditional 'wedding banquet'. Also can be taken on any last minute weekend dates.

25 or more to stay overnight

A: Above 25 overnight & Min. 50 day guests - see Midweek Wedding Package

B: If less then 50 day guests, see Tea & Evening Buffet Wedding Package (Min. 40 day guests)

or Intimate Wedding Package (Min. 25 day guests)

50 or more to stay overnight

A: See Saturday Wedding Package if Day Guests over 70

B: See Friday Wedding Package if Day guests over 60

Night Before

We want our guests to be able to stay the Night Before our wedding

Choose a Midweek or Intimate Wedding Package, avoiding Sundays due to a Sat wedding filling all the rooms. Marry on a Monday to Thursday. Or choose a Friday Wedding. Or choose the midweek Tea & Buffet Wedding.

Check there's no wedding before your date on availability calendars.

If no Wedding before your wedding day, you can reserve some bedrooms for the night before, for your own guests.

However you cannot reserve rooms the night before your wedding if your wedding is on a Saturday, as we'll have another wedding on Friday and they'll need all our bedrooms for their wedding.

Choose your Wedding Package
- off-season dates

(4) For Winter Weddings
Jan - March

& Last Minute Weddings
(within next 6-7 months)

If your wedding date is in next 6 - 7 months, or in Jan Feb March, see Last Minute Wedding Package  (Min. 50 day guests with Min. 20 guests overnight.)

In winter (Jan, Feb,  Mar) the wedding before yours will be a smaller winter wedding not using all bedrooms.

While priority is given to the wedding of the day, if they need more rooms, most winter weddings are smaller, so your guests should be able to stay 'the night before'.

Inflation & Pricing

last updated 06/02/2024

"Despite inflation at 10% in 2022, we held our rates unchanged up to end 2023, to see how long so called 'transitory' inflation lasted.

We did not want to raise prices as one of our selling points is how reasonable our rates are. Indeed we'd not increased the wedding meals and drinks package pricing since 2018!

Yet our running costs have gone up by circa 40% in that time.

Sadly inflation is now 'bedding in' at 10% or more, even as wedding couples' available funds drop.

The Ukraine war continues, supply chain weaknesses due to Middle East instability, and economic policy failures, all combine to threaten yet more inflation. Customer concerns about 'cost of living' are feeding into a drop in business at the very time businesses need to repay COVID loans and survive an increase in costs. Wages are spiralling for Hospitality.

Our food and fuel/ heating and 'hospitality' running costs and castle maintenance have shot up much higher than the 10% national inflation rate. Rates for 2024-2026 allow for continued 10% inflation in costs of the wedding breakfast, drinks, venue hire and all sundries. This may not be sufficient.

If we stick to 10% incremental increases, our rates will remain largely unchanged in real terms; it's the value of money that's dropping.

Inflation reduces what your money will buy. Venues have to forecast the 'value of money' in 2 - 4 years time. Our prices were slipping lower compared to most wedding venues. With weddings sold so far in advance, all venues must estimate for inflation - not the supposed 'national rate', but the actual rate in 'Hospitality'.

Venues need much the same income. We can either host 50 weddings at £20k or 100 at £10k each!

More bookings allowed lower pricing per event.

We offered lower rates because we hosted more weddings (145 in 2022). Yet with food up, electricity (up triple in one year!) and heating bills all increasing hugely in last 12 months, our prices fell below our costs. For 2024 we saw 'weddings booked' drop to just 61 (as of June 2023). It has since picked up a bit due to Last Minute deals. Under-pricing with Last Minute deals is not sustainable if we do not sell at volume. Arguably, Last Minute deals are not even sustainable at volume.

So not only must wedding tariffs move in line with inflation, we must also now price for holding fewer weddings.

We may also consider closing completely in winter months rather than remain open for weddings all year.

As this pattern is mirrored across all other venues, venues that wish to remain commercially viable will increase tariffs in 2025/6. The alternative is to cease trading. A half-way point is to close in the winter months. This means winter deals will cease as it becomes cheaper to close in winter, but you may find some good summer deals as the odd unfilled date is sold off

Book a date ASAP to 'lock in' our current tariffs for weddings in 2025-2026.

Book your date early to secure current rates - start a monthly instalment plan a year or more in advance of your wedding date."

Choose your Wedding Package
- Special Interest Groups

Armed Forces/ NHS etc: A separate niche wedding package for members of Armed Forces and Emergency Services including NHS. This is for any client whose job may require them to alter their wedding date through no fault of their own. Special terms allow for moving the date - see Armed Forces and Emergency Services Discounted Wedding Package.

Indian Weddings: These are large weddings often with specialist menus spread over 2-3 days. For 2 - 3 consecutive days you need to book 2-3 years ahead in peak season. See Indian Weddings. Our capacity is max 150 day we may be too small a venue for large (over 150 guests) Indian Weddings.

Baby Showers - see Baby Showers.

Wedding Anniversary Parties - see Wedding Anniversary.

Ceremony Only Weddings in Opera house - see Opera House Wedding Ceremony.

Ceremony Only Weddings in Summer House - see Summer House Weddings.

19/05/2022 - AB26: We had good food and enjoyed it. Very hard working staff and so friendly. The waitress was kind to Gran on the first night and offered her preferences to what was on the menu. Much appreciated. Beautiful and easily accessible. A very beautiful place I would recommend. I took my dog and it was easy to get her in and out to the gardens and the park. We joined a wedding party for 2 nights . It was wonderful to stay in a fairytale setting and it was just like being a guest in a friend's home . Thank you. Read More 2022 reviews from guests here.
Booking wedding dates 'remotely'

1. Arrange a viewing with a wedding planner via What's App / Zoom.

2. Reserve your date with initial £250 deposit to reserve your date.

3. Confirm you wish to go ahead with your date within 7 days of viewing in person

Enjoy a Homely Welcome and Friendly Service at Craig y Nos Castle
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