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Find out which wedding package is right for you

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Craig y Nos Castle - select the best Wales Wedding Package for you

We have a wide choice of Castle Wedding Packages. Use the table below to see at a glance what is included, what the cost is for your guest numbers, and which wedding package is right for you.

Our larger weddings are held at weekends and smaller weddings are midweek. Each wedding package is exclusive to the Wedding of the Day - we only allow one wedding a day at the castle.
Min No. Day Guest
Min No. stay over-night
Wedding Package
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5020Last MinuteTermsTariff
25Armed Forces /
10020Evening Only WeddingTermsTariff
There are four factors which determine which wedding package will work for you best.

These are

1. Your number of Day Guests

2. Your preferred Day of the Week

3. How many of your guests will stay overnight?

4. Are you prepared to choose a Last Minute or Winter Wedding Date?

The guide below will help you choose which wedding package will be the right one for you, based on your day wedding guest numbers, your budget, which year you want to get married, and your preferred day of the week, etc.

(1) Guest Numbers

How many day guests do you plan to invite to your wedding:

Benefit: The more guests you have, the more choice on day of week.

Saturday Weddings have a minimum of 70 day guests, Fridays 60 day guests minimum, Weekdays 50.

Smaller weddings can be held midweek, while the weekends are reserved for larger weddings.

0-24: Below 25, you are below the minimum number to justify a 'Wedding Package'. See instead our 'Ceremony Only' Weddings

25-49: Go to our Intimate Wedding Package (available weekdays)

40-150: For a tea & evening buffet in place of the traditional Wedding Breakfast, see our Wednesday Wedding Package (available Wednesdays only)

50 or more: Go to our Midweek Wedding Package (available weekdays)

60 or more: Go to our Friday Wedding Package (available Fridays only)

70 or more: Go to our Saturday Wedding Package (available Saturdays)

Maximum number of Day Guests in Conservatory is 130 and in Function room 150. Evening Guest numbers can go up to 200 guests or more.

(2) Day of the Week

Which day of the week do you want to get married on?

Saturday - Go to our Saturday Wedding Package. Note that this has a minimum of 70 day guests. If you have fewer day guests you must choose one of the wedding packages below.

Friday - Go to our Friday Wedding Package. This has a minimum of 60 day guests required. If you have fewer day guests, choose one of the wedding packages below.

Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday for a two day full weekend wedding - Go to our VIP Weekend Exclusive Deal. You need a minimum of 70 day guests on the day of your wedding and a minimum of 70 the day before your wedding to justify taking this full weekend package.

Sunday-Thursday - Go to our Midweek Wedding Package (minimum 50 day guests required) or the Intimate Wedding Package (minimum 25 day guests required).

Wednesday - Go to our Wednesday Wedding Package.

(3) Overnight Guests Guarantee

How many guests will want or need to stay overnight?

Important Benefit: We allow accommodation use to be counted against Venue Hire, so if you have enough guests staying overnight, venue hire is reduced substantially over the regular wedding tariff.

  • None will want to stay overnight -

A: If you have 100 guests or more - go to our Ultimate Wedding Package here, as this has a low overnight guest requirement.

B: If you have 25-49 guests - go to our Intimate Wedding Package, as this also has no overnight guest requirement.

C: If you have 50-99 guests but none will want to stay overnight - speak to a Wedding Planner about our Bespoke Regular Wedding Tariff versus the various wedding package options. It can still work out better value finding a suitable wedding package. Consider subsidising guests accommodation or paying a top-up to meet the accommodation guarantee as this could be much lower than paying Venue Hire under the Bespoke Regular Tariff.

  • 20 or more will want to stay overnight

A: Last Minute Weddings: If your wedding date is within the next 6 - 7 months, you qualify for the Last Minute Wedding Package. This has a minimum of 50 day guests with 20 staying overnight.

B: Wednesday - Check out our Wednesday Wedding Package (minimum 40 day guests required, 20 overnight) for a tea and buffet alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast meal.

  • 25 or more will want to stay overnight

A: Above 25 staying overnight - see our Midweek wedding package, IF you also have a minimum of 50 day guests

B: If you have fewer than 50 day guests, select either the Wednesday Wedding Package (minimum 40 day guests) or the Intimate Wedding Package (minimum 25 day guests)

  • 50 or more will want to stay overnight

A: See our Saturday Wedding Package if Day Guests over 70

B: See our Friday Wedding Package if Day guests below 70, but over 60

  • We want a lot of our guests to be able to stay the Night Before the wedding as well

Choose either a Midweek or Intimate Wedding Package during the week, on a Monday to Thursday, or choose a Friday Wedding.

Make sure there is not already a wedding before your date (see the various availability calendars to check availability both for your date and the day before).

Provided there is no Wedding before yours at the time you book your wedding, you can reserve bedrooms for the night before your wedding, for your own guests.

However you cannot reserve rooms the night before your wedding if your wedding is on a Saturday, as we will sell the Friday for another wedding using 'all' the accommodation, so they'll need all our bedrooms for their wedding.

(4)  Winter Weddings in Jan Feb March

Last Minute Weddings (within next 6-7 months)

If your wedding date falls in the next 6 - 7 months, or in Jan Feb March, then see our Last Minute Wedding Package which offers unbeatable value.

You need a minimum of 50 day guests with a minimum of 20 guests staying overnight.

With most winter weddings (Jan, Feb,  Mar) the wedding before yours will also be a smaller winter wedding not using all the bedrooms. This means you should be able to have guests stay the night before your wedding. You will need to reserve rooms for your guests the night before, up to a maximum of 20 guests. Priority is given to the wedding of the day, should they need more bedrooms for their guests.

Ceremony Now,
Wedding Later?

If you can't budget for your Dream Wedding just yet, but wish to get married sooner, see our interesting offer on having your Ceremony Only first, and your main Wedding Day later.

Special Interest Groups

Armed Forces/ NHS etc: We have a separate niche wedding package for members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services including NHS. This is for any client whose job may require them to alter their wedding date through no fault of their own. Special terms allowing for moving the date apply to our Armed Forces and Emergency Services Discounted Wedding Package - read more here.

Indian Weddings: These are very large weddings often requiring specialist menus. These events tend to spread over 2-3 days so you need to find a date range that has 2 - 3 consecutive days available. This means you need to book about 2-3 years ahead for peak season. See Indian Weddings here. As our capacity is really max 150 day we are often regarded as too small a venue for very large (over 150 guests) Indian Weddings.

Baby Showers - see Baby Showers package.

Wedding Anniversary Parties - see Wedding Anniversary Package.

Ceremony Only Weddings in the Opera house - see Opera House Wedding Ceremony Only.

Ceremony Only Weddings in the Summer House - see Summer House Weddings.

Booking wedding dates 'remotely'

1. Arrange a viewing with a wedding planner via What's App / Zoom.

2. Reserve your date with initial £250 deposit to reserve your date.

3. Confirm you wish to go ahead with your date within 7 days of viewing in person

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