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What's not included in Wedding Packages - book Registrar!


Craig y Nos Castle Wales Weddings - book the Registrar & Wedding Suppliers

  • This is our Castle Wedding Packages - 'What's Not Included' Page with links to other wedding suppliers you will need, including the Registrar's details.

What's not included

Craig y Nos Castle Courtyard view from road


We include a list of what is not included in our Wedding Package here - just in case you forget something!  All the independent wedding suppliers for our wedding venue in South Wales are listed on this website. Start with 'Balloons' and go alphabetically through the different categories of supplier.

This list may also give you some ideas for extras at your wedding reception that you had not considered.

Registrar - you will need to book the registrar. The telephone number for the registrar is:

01597 827468

This number is available Monday - Thursday between 0915 and 1645 or until 1615 on Fridays.

See Important Information on Wedding Licence here.

Email: customer@powys.gov.uk, Powys County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG

Wedding couple showered in confetti at Craig y Nos Castle's opera house

Wedding Suppliers You May Need

Here are some of the Suppliers you may need - plus there are loads of options: start with Wedding Suppliers Balloons and go from one page to the next.

  • Wedding Ceremony Music in the theatre (we do have a Bose system you can borrow but check it can play whatever media you bring and our staff can play it for you as you enter the Theatre and walk down the aisle).

  • Evening Entertainment such as Wedding DJ (a must), or a

  • Wedding Reception Chair Covers. The castle provides red seated Cheltenham Gilt chairs in the Conservatory and blue seated Cheltenham Gilt chairs in the Function Room and Opera House. These are quite smart but some weddings do prefer to hire special chair covers for the wedding reception / Wedding Breakfast.

  • Wedding Pianist, Choirs etc (Harpist looks and sounds traditional in the castle setting)

  • Ice Sculptures

  • Wedding Cars, Horse & Carriages etc (not necessary if staying overnight and ceremony is in Opera House, but required if ceremony is elsewhere)

  • Oversized Candelabra and / or Candles for tables (10 normal sized - reasonably large - silver candelabra are included within the Special Offer but  you will still need to supply tall candles of your own choice of colour: please buy non-drip candles so as not to mark the candelabra).

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales

Extra Services not listed on this page

For bespoke services not included in our Wedding Package or mentioned on the Tariff Page, we may be able to provide the service required for a separate fee.

Everything Extra that involves additional time / work / staff hours above what is included in the packages, or additional special purchases, can be quoted for separately.

In most cases you will employ your own Wedding Suppliers to set things up. For an idea of the suppliers you will need, see here.

Anything extra required of Castle Staff to support your wedding where we can be of assistance, should be confirmed in writing and the agreed cost added to your wedding account.

For example, you may need help with your Table Decor and Favours on the morning of your wedding, as your table decor company may not be available at the required set-up time (or you may be organising your own table decor).
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales

You may prefer different combinations of chairs and furniture in the function rooms to match your colour scheme. Please note that moving chairs and furniture out of their regular locations is an extra service.

Adding Chaircovers is a better option.

Alcoholic table favours are fashionable. Most wedding venues disallow any outside alcoholic beverages. We will accept small bottles used as table favours subject to a reduced Corkage rate specific to the size of bottle.

For extra services where extra staff time is required to be rota'd on specially to perform the required task, we will clearly advise you of our charges for any extras you require. Please discuss with us any additional support you may need for your wedding from Castle Staff with your Wedding Planner.


Other Extras we can quote you for...
Managing Expectations

Our Wedding Planner Guide shows what each of us will be doing to organise your perfect day and helps us ensure all your hopes for your wedding day come true.

Any additional items/services not listed within our published tariff and/or packages may incur an additional cost. Please ask our Wedding Team should you wish to add or amend any item/service. Some examples follow:

1. Table Decor, Centrepieces and the finishing touches to your Tables

Couples ask 'what does the Wedding Venue decorate?'  We provide the table linen, napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates, and put out sufficient chairs and rounds (round tables) according to your table plan.

You add the personal touches such as the centrepieces and table decor. You can decorate the tables on the morning of your wedding or if the room is vacated, the night before. You and your helpers put out your place names, favours, table centres etc. You can hire in a table decor professional to do centrepieces for you or we can help set up your table decor, favours etc, and put bows on chairs and white covers etc, for a small fee, if you prefer.
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales

2. Bunting and Venue Decor.

Our maintenance team can climb tall ladders and put your bunting and balloons up, but they need to be booked in to work the extra hours.  Or you can hire in a Balloon Decor Company or a Bunting Company to do this for you.

Update Jan 2019: The Conservatory Ceiling has had floral rings and a central canopy section added to the middle, which along with the strings of fairy lights, gives the ceiling a nice marque wedding effect. This is a permanent feature as of 2019 so is included as part of the ceiling decor. See picture below.
Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Venue Packages

3. Chair Moving.

If your colour theme is blue and you want the red seated gold painted chairs out of the Conservatory and replaced with blue seated and silver painted chairs from the theatre, this is an extra service - read more on chair moving here.

However most couples opt for chaircovers to match their colour theme. See Colour themes starting here.

4. Special Purchases - buying in items we do not already have.

A charge may be made for special purchases unless it is something we feel will be popular with other wedding couples.
Wedding Packages  Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue Packages in South Wales

5. Early check-in for Wedding Guests ahead of Wedding Ceremony.

Guests of a wedding cannot book in to their rooms ahead of the Wedding Ceremony to get changed unless it is cleaned. Guests can't book in simultaneously at 11 am as booking out is 10.30 am! For multiple early book-ins we'd need an army of cleaners.  We allow 3 hours to clean the rooms, so Check-in time is 3 pm. As your Ceremony will be before then, guests may change in the Sports Room if they need somewhere to get ready.

We encourage guests to stay the night before the wedding by offering 30% off on the first night, if staying in the same room for two consecutive nights. Also see changing facilities for guests before Ceremony.

6. Wedding Menu choices

Please do not give your guests the entire wedding menu to choose from!  Offer your guests two choices of each course of the wedding breakfast. Some venues only allow ONE choice of each course (plus a vegetarian option). Craig y Nos allows two choices plus a Vegetarian option.

7. Alcoholic Table Favours

Many couples bring their own small bottles in, of wine or spirits or tasty special drinks, as table favours. Kindly note all alcohol brought on the premises has a corkage charge, not just normal sized bottles.
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales Wedding Package
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Packages Wedding Venue in South Wales

8. Guests' private Alcohol Consumption on the premises.

If you bring any food or drink to your wedding event that has not been agreed in advance we reserve the right to charge for this. Please discourage guests from bringing in their own alcohol. We have found guests openly drinking their own supermarket purchased drinks in public areas or hiding a huge stash in their car or in the bushes!  An alert Front of House will stop this, yet guests may be surprised when their drinks are confiscated!

A friend attended a wedding and said some guests were 'unhappy about the Manager not letting the Bride serve her own drinks to her guests'. I had to explain why we charge 'corkage'.  I asked, who pays the wages of the bar staff waiting to serve drinks who are then standing idly by while guests consume their supermarket purchases?  Who pays Rates & Council Tax on the building? Who pays for the heating and lighting and the insurance?

And if someone became unwell from consumables brought on the premises, who covers the insurance claim as we argue where the food or drink came from?  

9. Damage to Property, furniture, ornaments, etc

While this rarely occurs, please note any damage in any area or room booked for your event by you/ your guests will be charged for. Damage to any bedroom is charged to the occupier or the person who booked/paid for the room. Examples of recent damage charged for include £50 for replacement linen tablecloths damaged by dripping black candlewax and £350 for water damage caused by a guest who fell asleep in his bath. The water ran all night eventually flooding a smoke detector in the bedroom below. This set off the fire alarms waking everyone up at 06.00. Bath still overflowing when source of alarms investigated.
Wedding Venue Swansea,Craig Y Nos Castle Wedding Packages

Please do familiarise yourself with who and what you need and when, by reading our free Wedding Planner on this website. This is an entire book, so merits careful study when you have time. It will give you loads of tips and hints and help you immensely in planning your day. I do not believe there is any resource quite like this all in one place on the internet.

Important information regarding Craig-y-Nos Castle’s Wedding Licence

You will at some point be contacting Powys County Council to Book your Ceremony at Craig-y-Nos Castle. If you chose to do so via the www.powys.gov.uk and navigate to Births, Deaths, Marriages and Ceremonies you will be able to make a Provisional Booking for your Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership.

When you nominate your wedding venue you will, if we are nearing the date of the regular three yearly wedding licence renewal, be advised that Craig-y-Nos Castle has a Wedding Licence that expires on XYZ date.

The last renewal date was 18 August 2022 when the wedding licence was duly renewed, so the next date will be 18 Aug 2025. There is no need to be concerned if your Wedding Date is after a given renewal date. A Wedding Licence Renewal Application can only be submitted 6 months prior to the previous Licence expiring so we have to wait till 6 months before each three yearly renewal date before we can submit the renewal forms (even though our weddings may book 1 - 3 years ahead!). You can rest assured that our Renewal Application is always sent to the Registrar at Powys County Council in good time.


Single Use Plastics and
New Welsh Government
rules applying to
Glow Sticks and Confetti
at Weddings

Wales is always ensuring that it is first when it comes to “saving the planet”. We were the first to ban the sale of single use carrier bags and plastic drinking straws and as of last October 2023 the Welsh Government brought in a ban on single use plastics.

Whilst this is good for the environment, people may not be aware of what is banned:

• Single-use plastic plates
• Single-use plastic cutlery
• Single-use plastic drinks stirrers  
• Cups made of expanded or foamed extruded polystyrene
• Takeaway food containers made of expanded or foamed extruded polystyrene
• Single-use plastic balloon sticks
• Single-use plastic-stemmed cotton buds
• Single-use plastic drinking straws (exemptions apply for those who need them to eat and drink safely and independently)

Whilst this list is not exhaustive at Craig Y Nos Castle, not only are we in the Brecon Beacons National Parks, where we are unable to use fireworks, but we also wish to help the environment (especially being in a Dark Sky Area) so we e are also supporting the ban on the above, including items made from plastic and extruded polystyrene. Therefore sadly, we cannot allow any of these items to be used on the premises.

This, means (and is commonplace within the Hospitality industry and other local venues) that we cannot allow Glowsticks on the premises. Not only are they made of plastic and hard to be discarded, as from 1st April 2024, they may not be collected by our refuse collectors. Also unsafe due to the chemicals used within them.

We are ONLY able to allow biodegradable confetti and ONLY inside the Theatre. We do not permit Confetti to be used outside as it sticks to the gravel drive and brush off. Sadly, we also do not allow Confetti Canons in any part of the Castle due to the huge mess they make which gets 'everywhere'.

  • Please see our new

to check which is the most suitable wedding package for your requirements, based on the size, day and date of your wedding.

  • Also see our

to check the cost of your selected wedding package.

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