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Craig y Nos Castle Weddings
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Wedding Cakes galore - many new designs

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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales, Wedding Cakes Slideshows

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Below are pictured 2019-2022 weddinng cakes for which we have photos. In the slideshow there are some earlier cakes. This collection of super imaginitive and colourful wedding cakes should give you plenty of ideas for your own wedding.

The cake stand can either be in front of the windows on a round table or on the mirrored sideboard.
Wedding Cakes - well with over 100 weddings a year we have seen a lot of wedding cakes. Not all of the are included here, but hopefully these should give you some ideas for your own wedding cake.

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Wedding Tips: Castle Wedding Cake
You are getting married in a Castle. A distinctive touch can be achieved by having your wedding cake designed in the shape of a Castle. It need not be an exact replica of Craig y Nos Castle - any castle themed cake with plenty of turrets will do.

We once had two consecutive couples have Castle Cakes in a similar design. When one cake was dropped, we were able to borrow a turret or two from the earlier cake to rebuild the second wedding's cake.

We have a cold store and in warm weather you should ask to store your wedding cake in our Cold Store for a few hours to keep it in a good, constructively stable condition. However, please note that we are unable to accept any liability for loss or damage howsoever caused and all cakes left by your cakemaker or decorator remain your responsibility.

Wedding Tips: Wedding Cakes need good foundations!

You would think a wedding cake maker would get this right for you. To be fair, heat in Wales is not normally a concern. However we did have a couple of rather hot days one weekend, and found two consecutive weddings had their wedding cakes collapse. They literally caved in under their own weight.

One we managed to re-ice and re-assemble. The other was so squashed we had to cut the lower sponge tier up in the kitchens away from the eyes of the guests.

We understand this is because of a trend to save money by having the base made out of sponge, and the fruit levels reserved for the smaller upper tiers. Pre-recession, weddings would normally have the heavier fruit filling on the larger base tier of the cake, providing a more solid base for the upper tiers. Adding heavier upper levels to a soft and weaker lower level is architecturally unsound.

Supporting a weak base tier with pillars internally should in theory get around this problem - yet both the collapsed cakes had internal pillars. These toppled over sideways within the cake, having nothing solid in the sponge and melting icing outer to hold them upright.

So consider the internal filling of your cake carefully, avoid travelling with your cake in a hot car (find a way of keeping it cool). At the venue, do not have your cake stand in direct sunlight. We stand your cake on the sideboard in our Conservatory away from the windows, and in the shade, where you can place the cake, but note even this is reasonably close to our underfloor heating vents.

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Wedding Tips: Cake Cutting Ceremony

You might forget this, but take into account the timing of your cake cutting ceremony. Will your photographer still be around during the Wedding Breakfast to take photos of the cake cutting ceremony?  The chances are he may not be, as you will not necessarily want to pay for a photographer to sit through the entire three hour wedding breakfast.

So either have a friend photograph you cutting the cake, or hold a cake cutting ceremony at a time when your photographer is still at the wedding venue.

Read more on the cake cutting ceremony here - see bottom of this page.

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