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AB26: double en-suite

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Craig y Nos Castle in Wales Wedding Guest Accommodation - Room AB26

TV, Internet & Phone Information

Old Combi style small TV / DVD player, 7 channels via hotel cable system. Has telephone which you can plug a computer into for internet access (either bring own cable or ask at reception for a spare cable).  

Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room AB26 bedroom

Signal strong if near to Corridor - this room runs alongside corridor but sit nearest to internal wall between room and corridor or near door.

Room Description

Standard Double en-suite room on the first floor of the atrium. It has the benefit of overlooking the main castle courtyard, having a view similar to AB27 of the clock tower and main castle. It is also close to the Gatehouse should you wish to house guests in this room near to any guests in the gatehouse.

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