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How to Reserve bedrooms for Wedding Guests

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Weddings in South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Reserving Bedrooms for guests

  • This is our Room Reserving Page on reserving rooms for guests and use of our SRUM (Special Room Use Monitor). For more Room Reserving Guidance, see our Castle Accommodation Guide Index or scroll to bottom of page.

Accommodation 'Reserving'
and Accommodation 'Booking'

Use the SRUM form to 'reserve' rooms for guests.

To view rooms - see rooms table. Decide which rooms are best suited to your guests.

You can either 'reserve' only the family rooms. Or you can reserve the disabled rooms for elderly guests / wheelchair users. Or you can 'reserve' all the bedrooms with named guests.

Reserving ALL rooms is unnecessary as guests can choose their own double rooms on a first come first served basis.

As we have a limited number of en-suites which sleep 3 or more, allocate triples and Family Rooms for guests willing to share.

Triples can also be used as twins.

Ground floor rooms may be best 'reserved' for elderly guests.

The SRUM form and the Rooms Table with Guest Capacity shows you how many guests can sleep in each room.

The first two occupants pay £75 B&B each, and extras > 2 per room, pay £50 PPPN B&B in family rooms or triples.
Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 21

Overflow accommodation in Nurses Block budget non en-suite Rooms is £35 (PPPN), based on two sharing. They are very basic.

Use the SRUM to reserve rooms for your guests and send it to us.

On your Wedding Invites, advise your guests which rooms you have reserved for them.

When they book, we will know which room you want us to book them into and they should know which room to ask for.

When we receive your room reservations for named guests, we enter your guest names into a Room Bookings spreadsheet.

When a Guest confirms their room, we 'book' the room to them.

Until a Guest books their room, the liability to pay for it remains yours.

Be careful about reserving rooms above the minimum accommodation guarantee under your Wedding Package. We only reserve rooms for you up to the number of rooms guaranteed under your wedding package.

If you reserve more rooms than your wedding package's guarantee (see here on how to guarantee extra rooms) and find you have reserved more than you need, you must cancel any rooms not required by guests.

This should be done a month before, at your Event Finalise Meeting which is 30 - 40 days before your Wedding Day. You are liable for any rooms not used that you guarantee under your wedding package including extras that you may have reserved.

Rooms reserved above those guaranteed under your wedding package fall under our standard room booking terms. You must cancel extra rooms not required above your package guarantee, 48 hours before the wedding date. However we expect you to do this much sooner, at least a month before the wedding date, so we can fill unused rooms with other B&B guests if you are not using them.

Irrespective of whether or not we fill unused rooms, you are still liable for any shortfall on your wedding packages' B&B guarantee.

Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 21 Compass Bathroom

What we will reserve for you

Under a Saturday Wedding Package (SWP) or a Friday Wedding Package (FWP), we automatically reserve 25 en-suites for your 50 guests overnight requirement. On a Saturday and Friday wedding you guarantee 50 guests paying £75 B&B each = total £3,750 accommodation usage.

This does not mean you have exclusive use of all our accommodation, as more en-suites > 25 are being added. We may book out any en-suites not reserved to you, to non-wedding guests. You only gain exclusive use of all  the en-suites if you commit to using all the en-suites.

Any extra rooms may be booked out by 'anyone' on-line, if not reserved by you on your wedding account or booked by your own wedding guests.

Early booking of all accommodation by your wedding guests is advised.

Your wedding has 'Full Exclusive use' of the Ground Floor Function Rooms Day & Evening and the first 25 en-suite rooms reserved to you under the Special Wedding Package terms. If more than the initial 25 en-suites are required, ask us to book them specifically to your account.

Non-wedding guests may book the non en-suite budget rooms in the Nurses Building or non en-suite rooms AB 18,19,20 or any additional en-suites above the first 25, unless these are also reserved to your wedding account.

Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 27


The night before your wedding may have another wedding using the en-suites.

With a Saturday wedding, there'll inevitably be a wedding before yours on the Friday.

With a Friday wedding, a wedding on the Thursday is less likely so most of your guests should then be able to stay the night before. Someone may still book a Midweek Wedding Package on the Thursday but won't use as many rooms.

Check if there is a wedding booked before yours. Speak to your wedding planner about reserving rooms for your guests the night before your wedding if you need them.

You may only reserve rooms for the night before your wedding if your Wedding falls on a Monday to Friday. We need a minimum of 8 rooms reserved to open up the Castle on a 'weekday'.

We do not reserve rooms for weddings where the day before is a Friday or Saturday, until 6 months before your wedding date. This is in case another wedding books a Wedding before yours as they will require rooms for their guests. You can reserve the non en-suites in Nurses Block for up to 20 guests, instead.

Once we are within 6 months of your wedding date, the en-suites on the night before your wedding may be reserved for up to 20 guests.

If you have already reserved the Nurses Block, call us 6 months before your date to swap these guests into en-suites and cancel your Nurses Block reservation.

Under the Friday and Saturday Wedding Package you need a minimum 50 guests spread over 25 en-suites at 2 guests per en-suite, all at £75 PPPN B&B).

We may book Nurses Block rooms to non-wedding guests, typically for guests of any wedding after yours.

If you require the Nurses Block rooms for your own wedding guests, you must reserve these rooms on your account as an extra item at the time of booking your wedding.

When your guests book reserved rooms, the rooms are transferred to their account.

Any rooms not booked by your guests that remain reserved by you, are yours to pay for unless you cancel preferably within 30 days of the occupancy date.


If you have booked any other Wedding Package, where required room usage is lower, we only reserve rooms up to the minimum you need to fill.

We WILL offer any rooms not reserved to you under your Wedding Package, or not reserved by you additionally, to other B&B guests, rather than leave them empty.

You may reserve extra rooms for your guests if you need more rooms. Extra room reserves are added to your SRUM. These become an extra set of rooms you guarantee, until they are booked by your guests.

  • For the Weekend Wedding Package (SWP and FWP), we block out 25 rooms, which we add to your booking as an accommodation guarantee for £3,750.

  • For the Last Minute Wedding Package (LMWP), we ONLY reserve 10 rooms for a minimum of 20 overnight guests, which we add to your booking as an accommodation guarantee for £1,500.

  • With the Last Minute 80 Wedding Package (LMWP80), we reserve an initial 20 rooms for a minimum of 40 overnight guests, which we add to your booking as an accommodation guarantee for £3,000

  • Under the Mid-Week Wedding Package (MWP), we reserve rooms up to your minimum requirement of 25 Guests, which we add to your booking as an accommodation guarantee for £1,875.

You can opt to add rooms in blocks of 5 extra rooms for 10 people at £75 per person, which means you can offer an additional accommodation guarantee of £750 per 5 extra rooms.
Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 27 Bathroom

Special Room Use Monitor (SRUM):
a list of bedrooms for named guests

Some Couples struggle to achieve the minimum occupancy requirement under their Wedding Package and have no intention of reserving extra rooms!

Some couples make a top-up payment for unused rooms if they do not meet the minimum room and B&B usage guarantee under their wedding package.

We include advice on encouraging guests to stay at the castle to help you increase room usage.

Some Couples find the rooms we allocate under their Wedding Package are not enough. A few weddings overflow into local B&B and pubs, as they go above our 100 overnight guest capacity.

Yet some Couples assume 'all' the rooms will automatically be available for their wedding. This is not the case as the Nurses Block rooms are not booked out to you unless specifically added to your account.

We cannot reserve rooms for you that you have not contracted for.

If you need more rooms, you must reserve them and have them added to your wedding account.

Keep a track of who the rooms are reserved for on your SRUM and monitor who has booked. On your SRUM, reserve the rooms in the name of guests who you've informed to book them.

Complete the SRUM (Special Room Use Monitor) with all your room reserves and send it to us. You can ask for an updated SRUM at any time, to confirm actual bookings against your room reserves.

Block Reserving Rooms in your own name (instead of 'reserving' them for named Guests) is NOT advised as when a guest calls to book, our system shows the rooms booked in 'your name' are unavailable for other guests.

Differentiate between rooms you are booking for 'you and close family' and rooms you are booking 'for guests' which you 'reserve' in the specific guest's name and which your guests will book and pay for. Otherwise our system will show rooms are booked out to 'you'.

Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 28 Bedroom
Wedding Venues South Wales - Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation Room 28 Bathroom

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