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Terms and Conditions for Last Minute Weddings at Craig y Nos Castle

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Craig y Nos Castle Last Minute Weddings in South Wales - Terms & Conditions

  • This is our Castle Wedding Packages - 'Last Minute Wedding Package Terms & Conditions' Page.
Last Minute South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle
Last Minute South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle


Exclusive Use, all function rooms

Last Minute Wedding Package offers free EXCLUSIVE USE (no venue hire) of the ground floor function rooms (using the Conservatory for your Day room and the Function room for your Evening Room).

Exclusive use does not include 'all the accommodation' as we may book some rooms to non-wedding guests once you have reserved/booked your contractual minimum.

Wedding and overnight stay
"Beautiful place, food amazing, staff brilliant and the grounds and walk ways stunning. We will definitely be going back and stay for longer. A very romantic setting too. Lots of history with......." Read more


Accommodation Reserving

We 'block out' 10 or 20 bedrooms (up to either 20 or 40 guests) under a Last Minute Wedding Package. The castle's bedrooms are not exclusive to you - only the function rooms.

We may have other 'B&B only' guests staying, including guests of a wedding the day after yours. For more rooms above the package minimum, see how to reserve rooms here,

Have your guests book with us direct, here.

If you wish to book extra bedrooms, either have guests call to book ASAP to secure their rooms ahead of 'other' B&B guests, or go to 'accommodation reserving' to reserve extra bedrooms for your guests to your account, ahead of them calling to book direct.

Last Minute Wedding Venues South Wales Craig y Nos Castle Ceremony Room
Last Minute Wedding Venues South Wales Craig y Nos Castle


How to Book a Last Minute Wedding Package

Arrange a viewing. Once your Wedding Contract is signed and the £2,000 Last Minute Wedding Deposit (£2,000) is paid in full, your date is booked.

  • Short Notice: For short notice bookings check the availability of the Registrar on 01597 827468 - this number is available Monday - Thursday between 09:15 and 16:45 or until 16:15 on Fridays. For any short notice wedding, check the earliest date you can legally get married. Also check the times they can marry you as they'll have other venues to attend on the same day, affecting your ceremony time.

Check OUR availability here - see  2023 - before calling the registrar.

Book your viewing by completing the viewing form or by phoning 01639 731167 between 09.00-20.30 hrs. Nearer the date, we finalise your numbers and you make a top-up payment for any extra guests added, and book the balance of any guest rooms (see 'terms' above) not yet booked direct by your guests.

If you need to reserve your date ahead of a viewing (if you cannot get to view immediately; 'last minute' dates can go quickly) - you can reserve your wedding date here, today.
Last Minute Wedding Venues South Wales Craig y Nos Castle Ceremony Room
Last Minute Wedding Venues South Wales Craig y Nos Castle Ceremony Room


Last Minute Wedding Package Terms

Minimum of 50 wedding breakfast guests

  • Start at 50 guests (LMWP-50) for

1. One choice of each course from our standard Wedding Breakfast, (plus a veggie option)

2. Glass of Prosecco for Welcome Drinks,

4. Welsh Cakes and

  • LMWP Typically applies to dates 6-7 months ahead - see months in dark green on the Availability Calendar (2023).  May also 'jump ahead' to include Jan & Feb the following year.

  • Some dates are released further ahead for higher numbers - see months in pale green on Availability Calendar. E.g. for Last Minute 'weekend' weddings 7 months ahead (Fri-Sat) you'll need 80 guests to your Wedding, with 40 guests staying overnight (LMWP-80). For Weekdays (Sun-Thu) it's still min 50 day guests with 20 overnight on the pale green months.

  • On LMWP-50 you guarantee 20 guests (not including Bride and Groom) staying overnight who will pay their own accommodation at £75 per guest B&B for one night, based on two adults sharing an en-suite.

  • On LMWP-80 you guarantee 40 guests staying overnight.

  • If you need to cater for more guests staying overnight than above, read here.

  • Optional 2nd night discounted by 30% to £52.50/guest based on two sharing an en-suite, provided the guests are staying in same room two consecutive nights. Guests pay for their own B&B.

  • You gain free exclusive use of the Conservatory for your Wedding Breakfast, the Theatre Ceremony Room for your wedding Ceremony and the Nicolini and Breakfast room lounges plus the Function Room & Main Bar for your evening party.

  • If your numbers are below the starting level for this Package, you may still secure this package by paying a top-up so you meet the minimum spend on Day Guests and B&B usage.

  • On Last Minute Weddings you get One choice of Starters, One choice of Mains and One choice of Dessert from the Standard Wedding Breakfast Menu here (plus a Vegetarian/ Vegan option).

  • Last Minute Weddings are non-transferable and all payments will be forfeited in the event of cancellation.

Last Minute Weddings Wales Castle Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Conservatory
Last Minute Wales Castle Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Wedding Banquet

'Best Value' Guarantee - Terms

Why pay up to 30% more
to marry at most other venues...

... when you can marry & celebrate at Craig y Nos Castle
for 30% less?

1. If you find any competitor wedding venues on our competitor comparison page are offering an equivalent package for the Wedding Breakfast and Venue at less than this Craig y Nos Wedding Package, and you can show us a link to their on line offer/or provide a quote by email or in writing where they are charging less than us, for a wedding within the same time period, we will match their best rate.

2. The competitor must be listed on the competitor comparison page above and must be a proper recognised 'wedding venue' - not a pub! (If you find a competitor venue we have not included on our comparison page, because we have not completed the list yet, we will probably add them).

3. The competitor venue must be at a lower rate per head than us, including their venue hire fees, for the equivalent package, and we will then match their rate.

4. You must also meet the terms of the Wedding Package you are on (the relevant minimum number of guests at your wedding breakfast with the specified minimum number staying overnight).

5. Our best value guarantee extends to any offers under a competitor's standard to the public rate but does not include any “Discounted Deal Sites or Voucher Codes or sales by 3rd Party Merchants".

Last Minute Weddings Wales Castle Wedding Venue Craig y Nos First Dance on Clouds
Last Minute Weddings Wales Castle Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Theatre Gardens

Taking a full weekend on Last Minute
How it Works

On a Last-Minute Package, you may have many guests travelling from some distance away from our Castle. Some may wish to stay the night before your wedding. Book a pre-wedding gathering with close friends before your wedding date. Everyone can relax and settle in before your Big Day.

Arrange a full weekend if available.

For a year or more ahead, peak weekends, you book the Weekend Exclusive Wedding Deal for a minimum of 70 guests staying over for two nights. This Premium Package is for large weddings with all guests travelling from afar to the castle. It gives you full exclusive use of whole castle for whole weekend.

For winter and last minute wedding dates, you book your Friday or a Saturday Last Minute Wedding and invite 16 or more to stay the night before on a Dinner B&B basis. You can reserve rooms at a 30% discount for up to 20 guests for the night before your wedding (subject to availability) provided they stay in the same room the two nights.

If there is another wedding the day before yours, then if they are not using all the rooms, you can reserve some bedrooms the night before your own guests.

A pre-wedding party can be arranged in the CellarBar (ready 2024 hopefully). For 16 or more wanting to stay and dine the night before your wedding, we offer a buffet / curry / evening bar meals separate from the other Wedding.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in Wales in Winter Snow
Wedding Venue South Wales Craig y Nos Castle courtyard

B&B & Planning

1. B&B en-suites  @£75/ guest based on two sharing an en-suite. Minimum of 2 guests @ £75 each per double en-suite room. Above 50 overnight guests, once all doubles are filled at £150 / room, B&B is £50/ guest, for extras in family rooms. Or £35/ guest (£70/ room) in budget Nurses Block.

2. See 'how to fit 50 guests in the castle' to fit in all your guests and see all related links on accommodation options and capacity.

3. See Planning your wedding at the Castle and follow this link to the forms and templates pages.

Staying Night Before

1. The night before your wedding, if available, may be booked by your guests at a 30% discount (if staying in the same room two consecutive nights) subject to availability and the '6 month rule'.

2. The 6 month rule is applied to Saturday weddings in respect of Fridays. This means we wait till 6 months before your wedding, if your wedding is on a Saturday, before releasing bedrooms for your guests to book the night before.

3. For a Friday wedding we allow guests to book up to 10 rooms the night before, but keep a few rooms (15) clear for any possible midweek wedding booking, until 6 months prior to your wedding.

4. All rooms can be booked by your guests to stay the night before, if available, 6 months or less, before your wedding.

Dining night before a wedding

We need a minimum of 16 people pre-booked to open the dining room for dinners to be served the night before a wedding. Provided there is no exclusive use wedding or other exclusive event on the night before your wedding, we can serve evening meals to your guests. If you would like to have guests dine with us at the castle before your wedding, please let us know in advance.

We do not allow any food to be consumed on the castle ground floor / public dining areas, unless purchased at the Castle. Food not bought at the castle may only be consumed in the privacy of your own accommodation or in any self-catering accommodation – such as TGRA, TFFF, or Nurses Block - but only in the latter if it is booked out by a Wedding Party in its entirety, as in 'all rooms in the Nurses Building are rented out by your party'.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue
Enjoy a Homely Welcome and Friendly Service at Craig y Nos Castle
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