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Book your wedding date at Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue

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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales, Book Your Wedding Day

Book your Wedding Date here

You can secure your wedding date here.

Please follow these steps before reserving a date for your wedding.

1. Check which Wedding Package you wish to book.

Visit our Wedding Package Selector Page here and then follow the links to your chosen wedding package. Study the Wedding Package page and its terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions, please either email us or chat to us on our website's chat service.

2. Confirm the cost of your Wedding Package.

Visit our Wedding Package Cost per Head page here and select the Wedding Package you are interested in. Select the row appropriate for your number of day guests and look at the total with any extras such as Drinks Package and Evening Buffet.

The smaller wedding packages (Intimate Wedding Package, Wednesday Wedding Package) are not yet featured on this page. Just add any extra guests at the stated Day Guest or Evening Guest rate for a total figure based on your wedding numbers.

Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Ceremony room

3. Check the Date is Available.

Decide on your wedding date and check our Wedding Availability for the right year.

Check 2021 Wedding Dates here and move from this page to the year of your wedding using the 'wedding years' index at the bottom of the page.

See index of all Wedding Availability Calendars for Years  up to 2024 here.

4. View the Venue.

While we do have some Couples book the venue without a viewing, a viewing is recommended. It is assumed that you will have viewed the venue by now, but if you haven't please book a viewing here.

If you are not able to view quickly, or are abroad etc, you may wish to reserve a date now ahead of a viewing in case the date 'goes' to someone else. While you can reserve a date without a viewing, we recommend you book a viewing within 7 days of reserving a wedding date on the link above.

Craig y Nos Castle South Wales Wedding Ceremony room

5. Complete the 'Reserve a Wedding Date' form below.

Complete the form below and provide card details for deduction of the £250 Wedding Date Reservation Deposit.

This deposit will be cashed and held for 7-14 days during which time we will send you a Wedding Contract and Wedding Checklist for the wedding package of your choice.  

Please read the contract and terms carefully and sign and return both the Contract and Checklist. Both of you must sign the Wedding Contract and Wedding Checklist.

Please be sure to read and understand the cancellation terms and the minimum day guest and any overnight guest requirements.

If you have any questions please email us at, or email our wedding planners here. Or use our website's chat service.

6. Cancel or Confirm Within 7 - 14 Days

A: Should you not wish to go ahead with your booking, you may cancel and ask for a refund of your £250. Please do this within 7-14 days so we can release the date for resale.

B: Should you wish to go ahead, please can you both complete and sign the wedding contract form and checklist that we will send you.

Please post the Wedding Contract and Checklist to SelClene Ltd, Craig y Nos Castle, Brecon Road, Penycae, Swansea Valley, Powys SA9 1GL.

Reserve a Wedding Date Form

I confirm you may debit £250.00 from my Credit or Debit Card below, to reserve my wedding date. I understand if I do not wish to proceed upon receipt of the Wedding Contract, that I must cancel my wedding reservation within 14 days and receive a full refund.

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