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Craig y Nos Castle Weddings
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Bridgend Wedding Venue - Craig Y Nos Castle Wedding Venue

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Bridgend Wedding Venue, for Weddings near Bridgend

Bridgend Weddings

Your Bridgend Wedding Reception in a Castle
- it's all yours for your Day

"We only allow one wedding a day in the castle, so
our Castle is exclusively yours for your wedding day"

This sets our castle apart from wedding venues in Brecon / South Wales area who may have more than one wedding on same day.

Bridgend Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle

Exclusive Use Bridgend Wedding Packages
in a Welsh Castle
- a stunning Bridgend Wedding Venue

Visit on one of our

  • Time from Bridgend to Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue:  1 hour 2 minutes

  • Distance from Bridgend to Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Reception Venue: 39 miles

Brides and Grooms lucky enough to live in Bridgend will not have to travel far to get married at Craig y Nos Castle.

Bridgend Brides & Grooms may not realise it, but in Craig y Nos Castle they have one of Wales' premier wedding venues, to which couples will travel from all over the country. We're almost on Bridgend's doorstep!
Award winning Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales for your big day!

Bridgend Weddings Ceremonies

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for your Wedding Day

at Craig y Nos Castle, Swansea

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See our Weekend Wedding Package with 60 to 70 day guests and 50 guests staying overnight.

For all our wedding packages, see Wedding Packages Selection for the most suitable wedding package for you.

Why Choose Craig y Nos Castle,
near Bridgend?

You get Exclusive Use of our castle wedding venue near Bridgend.

All your guests can stay overnight with you on your wedding day. Party late into the night, with no worries about you or your guests getting back home to Bridgend.

Craig y Nos Castle wedding venue sleeps up to 81 guests in en-suite doubles and family rooms.

We're probably the only near-Bridgend castle wedding venue where all your guests can stay overnight.

A unique Wedding Venue - the romance of a real Welsh Castle combined with the historic grandeur of our very own Opera House licensed for wedding ceremonies.

Craig y Nos Castle only accepts one wedding a day, so you and your guests from Bridgend will have the run of the whole ground floor of the castle exclusively.

You're not in just one room, you and your guests have the run of all our ground floor rooms:

(1) The opera house for your wedding ceremony, where you will be the star of the show, on stage, before all your guests

(2) Welcome drinks in the Nicoloni Room, our main reception lounge (or outside in gardens if weather is fine)

(3) Your wedding breakfast in our 130 seater conservatory with fabulous views overlooking the Brecon Beacons National Park

(4) Evening wedding party and late night disco in our evening function room and music room, with resident's bar.

Should you 'go local',
for a wedding venue
in or near to Bridgend,
or can you go further afield
for a more special and unique wedding day?

'Local Venue'
'Destination Wedding Venue'?

You may have guests some distance away from Bridgend, who'll need to travel to your wedding anyway, so it won't matter to them so much where you get married.

For guests who live local to you, friends and neighbours and acquaintances and even work colleagues in and around Bridgend, do you want a local wedding venue near Bridgend where all your guests can get to easily? Or are you all happy about travelling via Neath / A465 or J45 M4 / A4067 to Craig y Nos Castle?

AB28 Bathroom at Craig y Nos Castle wedding venue near Bridgend
Room 21 en-suite at Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue near Bridgend

Bridgend Wedding Theme ideas,
Wedding Decor and Wedding Gift Ideas,
based on Bridgend's history, style and culture

Link your wedding theme, wedding decor and wedding favours to the history, style and sense of place of Bridgend. Your wedding theme may be linked to your own past, to key moments in your relationship with each other, your favourite colours, your personal tastes, or you may incorporate elements of your home town of Bridgend into your wedding day 'story book'.

When considering wedding decor you may already have plenty of your own ideas for your wedding. Or maybe you are still looking for inspiration? Reflect the story of Bridgend in your decor, to connect your personal history in your home town's roots, and your family's location in Bridgend. You may get some ideas from the history of Bridgend below, its buildings, street names, or local transport routes etc.

Interesting Facts About Bridgend
you may
use in your wedding theme/ decor/ story

1. Population 39,429. Welsh name is Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, which in English is "Head of the Bridge on the Ogmore".

2. Newcastle Castle (on Newcastle Hill, overlooking the town centre) was built in 1106 and Ogmore Castle was built in 1116.

3. Bridgend is located at a ford on the River Ogmore, which used to be the main route between East and West Wales.

4. To the north of Bridgend, three rivers merge -  River Ogmore, Llynfi River and Garw River. To the south, two rivers merge, River Ewenny and River Ogmore which both flow into the Bristol Channel.

5. In 1801, the population of Bridgend County was 6000; rising to 61,000 by 1900, it is now 139,200.

6. Bridgend was never blitzed in WW2 due to air pockets making bombing hazardous, and also possibly due to proximity of a POW camp at Island Farm. The biggest escape attempt by German P.O.W.s in Britain was made at Bridgend's Island Farm Camp. A large munitions factory and an underground munitions storage facility at Brackla served as an overspill of the Royal Arsenal, Woowich. Had Bridgend been bombed, the destruction of the munitions stored here could have changed the course of the war.

7. Bridgend is now a market town. In 1960 the River Ogmore burst its banks and flooded the town and with worsening weather the river overflowed on further occasions, necessitating the building of flood defences.

8. Bridgend is also the headquarters of the South Wales Police due to Bridgend's location exactly halfway between Swansea and Cardiff.

9. Bridgend grew rapidly in the 1970's, with the completion of the M4 around the town, while Ford Motor Company and Sony set up factories on the new Bridgend Industrial Estate. The 1980's saw the development of the privately owned Brackla Housing Estate - Brackla is now the largest private housing estate in Europe.

10. The McArthur Glen designer shopping centre opened in 1998 and is now a popular tourist destination. Subsequent pedestrianisation of Bridgend town centre is said to have damaged retail trade due to parking problems and lack of access. After a new bus station was built and alterations to traffic movements around the town, several fairs were introduced, increasing the number of visitors to the town up to 900,000 a year.

11. Bridgend recovered quickly from the decline of the coal industry as other forms of employment were created. Bridgend has among the highest wages of South Wales. The large industrial estates are occupied mainly by manufacturing businesses. Ford has invested over £300m in its Bridgend factory in recent years. Lidl has its headquarters in Bridgend. The service sector, particularly retail, is the main employer, employing 42,900, as against 13,100 in manufacturing/ construction.

12. Parts of the film Lawrence of Arabia were filmed on the sand dunes of Merthyr Mawr.

AB21 Bathroom at Craig y Nos Castle wedding venue near Bridgend
AB31 loft room at Craig y Nos Castle wedding venue near Bridgend

Will you invite
'Evening Only' Guests
or invite everyone for the whole day?

'Evening-only' guests won't travel far. Craig y Nos is more of a 'destination wedding venue', where your closest friends and relatives come to your wedding, and where you invite everyone for the whole day.

When you choose a venue further away from your base in Bridgend, you'll tend to invite everyone for the whole day. Also you'll need somewhere all your guests can stay overnight.

Craig y Nos Castle sleeps over 8o guests. Have most of your guests stay with us. Everyone will party with you late into the night as they have no worries about getting home to Bridgend.

Unlike with a 'local' wedding reception, when you marry at Craig y Nos, you won't have so many guests shooting off early to get home. With more local weddings nearer to Bridgend, a wedding party dwindles around 11-12 as guests leave to go home. Having everyone stay over at Craig y Nos means your party lasts late into the night.

A truly magical and unique
castle wedding venue

Craig y Nos Castle is a popular destination wedding venue for couples all over the UK. It combines the attraction of getting married in a real castle, in your own fairytale castle for either a day or a whole weekend, a historic building (yours exclusively for your wedding) in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The mountain scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park guarantees you stunning photo opportunities both inside and outside the castle. The Grade One Listed Opera House makes a fantastic setting for your wedding ceremony. You get exclusive use of the whole ground floor of the castle for you and your wedding guests.

Hosting over 100 weddings a year, Craig y Nos Castle is a truly magical and unique castle wedding venue for Brides and Grooms from Bridgend with reasonable and affordable rates.

Bridgend Wedding Theme ideas,
based on Brdgend's history, style and culture

If you are from Bridgend, what elements of the history of the town could you incorporate into your wedding theme?  I was a bit stuck for ideas compared with other towns but here are some ideas:

1. The Two Castles, Newcastle Castle and Ogmore Castle could be combined with Craig y Nos Castle and other local Welsh Castles to provide a castle theme to your wedding (e.g. naming each table after a local castle).

2. There are four rivers - River Ogmore, Llynfi River, Garw River, Ewenny River, which could give you some ideas for table settings/ table names. Four rivers works if having a small wedding with only four tables (say 40 guests at ten each on the round tables and the rest on the head table). Otherwise add more rivers (or landmarks) from Bridgend or from other nearby towns!

3. Conceivably you could make your wedding go off with a bang by featuring models of some of the WW2 ordnance stored at the munitions factory for which Bridgend is famed, possibly use in your table decorations, or incorporate the theme into your wedding favours, though this might be better for a military style wedding and would be lost on people outside the area!

4. Look to the neighbouring village of Ogmore for inspiration.

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