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Drinks Prices at the Bar at Craig y Nos Castle for Weddings

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Craig y Nos Castle Wales Wedding Bar Prices


Bar Prices - 2023
Prices subject to change without prior notice. Prices correct as of 22/01/2023

Wedding Wales Craig y Nos Drinks
Welcome Drinks South Wales Craig y Nos
Wedding Castle South Wales Craig y Nos
Welcome Drinks Craig y Nos Castle weddings
Welcome Drinks Craig y Nos Castle weddings
Wedding Wales Craig y Nos Castle Welcome Drinks
Wedding Banquieting room South Wales Craig y Nos
Wedding Banquieting room South Wales Craig y Nos
Welcome Drinks Craig y Nos Castle weddings
Evening Function Room and Bar

As of Saturday, 29 October 2022, there have been a few amendments and updates to our licensing conditions.

  • Last orders at the bar will now be strictly at 12am (midnight) unless arranged otherwise with your planner and the appropriate fee paid, although if you have paid for your entertainment to go beyond midnight do let us know (the bar will still close at midnight).

  • Guests drinking their own alcohol not purchased from us (or where corkage has not been paid), will have those drinks confiscated from them. Only drinks purchased by guests from Craig Y Nos Castle are allowed on the premises. This includes shot walls or favours (that we can otherwise supply).

  • We are a cashless bar – please do remind your guests that we do not accept cash on the bar. We take card payments only. This will also apply to accommodation bookings.

  • Once the bar is closed, our licence only permits residents booked to stay overnight to continue drinking.

  • Our Licence is now location specific meaning we cannot set up a separate bar in the conservatory. Drinks can only be served from the main bar.

  • Subject to your wedding guest numbers and availability, guests who have booked just the Conservatory for their Wedding are now able to move to the Function Room for their evening celebrations at no extra cost. There are several benefits to this:

Wedding South Wales Craig y Nos Welcoem Drinks

Benefits of using Function Room
& Main Bar for Evening

(i) Your DJ sets up fully in the function room while you enjoy your sit down meal in the conservatory, so there is no delay with 'turning around' the Conservatory into an evening disco room. You just glide through to the function room all set up and ready as a 'grand reveal' evening party room.

(ii) Your guests will be close to the main bar, as opposed to having to walk a long way from the Conservatory to the bar every time they want a drink.

(iii) Allows next day's wedding to set up in the Conservatory the night before their wedding (and you to do the same if the wedding before yours uses the function room for their evening party).

(iv) Most bedrooms are near the conservatory, so an evening disco in Conservatory is noisy for residents (or children) wanting an earlier night. Evening party noise for B&B residents/ your guests is reduced when using the main function room as the noise is contained fully within this room.

(v) You and your guests are not confined to one room for the day and evening, but now enjoy full exclusive use of the whole castle ground floor. This would normally be charged for as an extra on smaller midweek weddings (where full exclusive use is not already your wedding contract). This upgrade comes at no extra cost as it is being introduced to comply with our licensing regulations and the practicalities of serving drinks close to where the guests physically are.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our planning pages and we all look forward to your special day here with us. If you need anything further then please do not hesitate to ask and we look forward to seeing you soon.

If, you are still in the planning process please see order of the day here to assist you – both now and in advance of your Event Finalisation Meeting.

Remember many of your questions can be answered via this website – however, feel free to email either Emily or Nicola for more information.

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