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Evening Wedding Buffet and Party in Music Room

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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue in South Wales, Evening Wedding Party Function Room

  • This is the Evening Party / Function Room Page. To see other function rooms go to the Function Rooms Index or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Benefits of using Function Room & Main Bar for Evening

(i) Your DJ sets up fully in the function room while you enjoy your sit down meal in the conservatory. Means no delay with 'turning around' the Conservatory into an evening disco room. You just glide through to the function room all set up and ready as another 'grand reveal' evening party room.

(ii) Your guests will be close to the main bar - no having to walk a long way from the Conservatory to the bar every time they want a drink.

(iii) Allows next day's wedding to set up in the Conservatory the night before their wedding (and you can do same if wedding before yours uses function room for their evening party).

(iv) Most bedrooms are near conservatory, so an evening disco in Conservatory is noisy for residents (or children) wanting an earlier night. LATE NIGHT party noise is reduced when using the main function room as sound is contained fully within this room.

(v) You and your guests are not confined to one room for both your day and evening. Enjoy full exclusive use of the whole castle ground floor. This would normally be charged for as an extra on smaller midweek weddings (where full exclusive use is not already in your wedding contract). This upgrade at no extra cost is necessary to comply with our licensing regulations as we need to serve bar drinks close to where the guests physically are.

Evening Function Room and Bar

As of October 2022:

  • Last orders at the bar at 12am (midnight) unless arranged otherwise with your planner with a bar extension fee. If you have paid your DJ to go beyond midnight do let us know as our bar will still close at midnight.

  • Guests drinking their own alcohol not purchased from us (or where corkage has not been paid), will have those drinks collected from them. Only drinks purchased by guests from Craig Y Nos Castle are allowed on the premises. This includes shot walls or favours (that we can otherwise supply).

  • We are a cashless bar – please remind your guests we do not accept cash. We take card payments only.

  • Once the bar is closed, our licence only permits residents booked to stay overnight to continue drinking.

  • Our Licence is now location specific meaning we cannot set up a separate bar in the conservatory. Drinks can only be served from the main bar beside the function room.

  • Subject to your wedding guest numbers and availability, guests who have booked just the Conservatory for their Wedding now move to the Function Room for their evening celebrations at no extra cost.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue South Wales Function Room
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue South Wales Function Room
Once your guests have had their fill of your Wedding Banquet, it’s time for the soiree.

For your evening wedding party, use the wooden dance floor in the 'Music Room' for your disco.

The 'Billiard Room' links to the Music Room, offering a large function room holding 150.

Our function room is dressed with Louis XIV style furniture fit for the most illustrious guests, including a grand Louis XIV dining table.

The main 'Patti Bar', in the centre of Castle, serves both function rooms and is exclusively yours for your wedding in Wales, along with the Nicolini lounge. Guests can circulate freely between all four rooms or gather in the Function Room for the disco.

For your disco, tables are rearranged to create a large dance floor.  Bar stays open late. Evening Buffet is served either from a carvery style serving station or from the grand Dining Table.

We’ll set the room out however you’d like. Whether you’re intending on laying an under-lit dance floor for your guests to dance the night away, or if you have a large evening list and need a complex seating plan, we’ll accommodate your personal requests.

The castle ground floor offers the largest floor space of any wedding venue in South Wales, so we certainly have the space for large evening parties.

Pure Weddings DJ at Craig y Nos Castle Evening Wedding Party

The function room seats 150 - but you can have up to 200 for evening wedding parties / discos as guests will spread out to the Patti Bar & Nicolini Lounge.

Located well away from the main atrium en-suite rooms and the conservatory, our evening function room provides privacy from other areas of the castle and is well sound-proofed.

Should you wish to party into the small hours of the morning, this won’t disturb those of your guests wishing to retire early. When all your guests are staying overnight, your Evening Entertainment can continue late.

ure Weddings DJ Evening Entertainment Package black speakers and DJ desk
Pure Weddings DJ Evening Entertainment Package white speakers and DJ booth

We have negotiated some excellent package deals wth our recommended DJ, due to the volume of business the Castle is able to offer the DJ. You can choose a white set-up for the DJ's Booth and Speakers or a Black set-up - the choice is yours!  You can even add a White Star Lit LED Dance Floor.

Pure Weddings DJ Evening Entertainment Package confetti, couple on dance floor
Pure Weddings DJ Evening Entertainment Package guests party on dance floor

Most Brides choose a

Special Wedding Evening Entertainment Package (SWEEP)

with the DJ

One Professional DJ is highly experienced in all musical genres and forms of DJ’ing - (Specialist in Rock, Metal, Indie, Funk, Soul, Disco, 80s, 90s, Oldskool Dance Music, House, Garage, Trance, Rave, Techno, D&B, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Etc.).

Confetti Cannons, Selfie Pods, Video, Uplighting, Arcade Machines, Photobooths, Mirror Ball Podiums, UV lights, Moving Heads, LOVE Letters, and loads more. Plus a special SWEEP package exclusive to Craig Y Nos Castle.

We also take a few photos and video.

Though the Conservatory took over as the main wedding banquet room following its restoration in 2007, the larger function room is still used for wedding banquets above 130 guests as well as the evening party.

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue South Wales Function Room
Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue South Wales Function Room

Some pictures on this page show the function room in use as a day reception room though most weddings now have their day reception in the Conservatory. Only if you have more than 130 guests for your Wedding Breakfast would you need to use the Function Room for your Wedding Banquet.

Seating Capacity: 150 for a wedding breakfast, with 12-14 large round tables and squares arranged as 'diamonds', each seating 8-12 guests. 150-200 for evening wedding parties / discos as guests can spread out to

Nicolini lounge. (Invite 70+ in the evening to properly 'fill' the room.)

Evening Party in the function room Rachel Lambert Photography
Evening Party in the function room Rachel Lambert Photography
Note: The Conservatory is no longer used for evening parties except for very small weddings where only the Conservatory is used for the day and night.

Moving through to Function Room for the evening prevents disturbance to overnight guests from the disco. The evening function room is well away from the en-suite rooms so guests retiring early are not disturbed.
Wedding Venue Swansea, Muisic Room ceiling at Craig y Nos Castle

Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Venue
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