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What is becoming a trend for 2024 weddings?

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Wedding Trends report 2024.
From report published by Hitched  Weddings Aug 2023
Key points are

Full Weekend Weddings
two day events rather than one day

1. “Couples are breaking away from tradition, opting for custom ceremonies and embracing the concept of a “wedding weekend".”

OUR TAKE: Check out our premium WED VIP TWO DAY WEDDING WEEKEND OFFER and / or book a wedding with a B&B and dinner event for wedding guests the 'night before', or have a 'night before' party.
Options for night before events include:

1. Murder Mystery Dinner - read more

2. Share the Experience Ghost tour - read more

3. Role Play events and dinners such as Good Society by Exceptional Beasts - read more

“Increase in weddings using a celebrant for more personalisation. “

Black Dresses and Gothic?

“Black wedding dresses becoming a trend for some (more gothic weddings at the castle?)”  

Pre-Wedding Day Activities
& Night Before Dinner Party Options

“UK couples are seeking venues that can accommodate multiple days of celebration. Inspired by American traditions of rehearsal dinners and goodbye brunches, searches for ‘weekend wedding venue’ have surged by 50% as couples embrace the trend of extending their festivities.”

OUR TAKE: Should suit our drive to have night before bookings and have guests do something or hold some sort of pre wedding gathering and party the day before.  Night before and events before demand from weddings may also mean more bookings for Murder Mystery Dinners, Ghost tours, and the Roleplaying dinners (see links above under Weekend weddings), all of which groups of wedding guests can book to make something of the night before, provided we have availability.

If this trend takes off and weddings increase back up to 2020 levels pre COVID, we will then have weddings clash with night before events. To avoid this the Blue Bar would need to be completed (restoration project delayed back in 2004 and not progressed since bar a new concrete floor laid in 2023), to allow two events on the same evening.

This is a possible expansion for the future, but for the moment, any temporary slowdown in weddings volume due to cost of living crisis and the 1 - 2 year COVID decline in couples 'meeting up', can be partly offset by other events and night before events.
We'll schedule in more two day weddings for any Couple wanting to do more than 'the one big day' with us. Our exclusive use options with accommodation and function rooms etc make this an attractive offer for guests

“Farnham Castle, has observed more couples are looking to spend all weekend with them: “We love nothing more than when a couple wishes to extend their celebrations for longer.”

Craig y Nos castle is in full agreement on this one!
Veils, Saxophones, Short Wedding Dresses and AI for speeches

“wedding veils making a comeback”

“wedding saxophonists are coming into the mainstream for 2024.”

“Short wedding dresses becoming more popular”

AI searches for wedding speeches 50% up.

Wedding dress hire 50% up (as opposed to buying your own wedding dress).
Budget Weddings Searches
300% up

Search for budget weddings up 300%.

“You probably don’t need us to remind you about the cost of living crisis, but as a result of this search for ‘budget weddings’ is up 306%.”

Hence we have not one but TWO low cost wedding offers

here and

Craig y Nos Castle First Dance on Clouds
Vintage and 70's

70’s themed weddings rising in popularity and more searching for vintage wedding themes “This is due to lots of exposure in mainstream TV and film such as the Mrs Maisel series, the 2022 Elvis film by Baz Luhrmann, and more vintage influences in wig styling and fashion through hit shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Might suit our Wednesday wedding package with a vintage tea set hire option. Vintage crockery?

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