Ceremony Only 2020 weddings in Opera House at Craig y Nos - Weddings in Wales at Craig y Nos Castle

Craig y Nos Castle Weddings
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Ceremony Only 2020 weddings in Opera House at Craig y Nos

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Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Ceremony in South Wales - Opera House

A Wedding Ceremony in the Opera House

with Welcome Drinks in Castle Courtyard after Ceremony

Weddings South Wales Craig y Nos
Wedding Ceremony South Wales Craig y Nos

What's Included

For Couples who just wish to get married inexpensively a Castle Wedding Ceremony & Outside Welcome Drinks mini-package is £500.

For just £500, Your Wedding Ceremony at Craig y Nos Castle includes:

  • Use of the Opera House for your wedding Ceremony, set up with a nice floral display (worth £100) on the table and on pedestals as shown in picture above.

  • Tables and chairs for the Registrar and for the Wedding Couple's signing of Register plus suitably spaced-apart seating for a maximum 20 guests*.

  • Blue aisle carpet with blue seated and silver painted Cheltenham Gilt chairs.

  • Welcome Drinks for up to 30 guests in the Courtyard after Ceremony.

  • You will also need to check the Registrar's availability and give the Registrar at least a month's notice.

  • Daytime use of one En-Suite room for Bride & Bridesmaids to get ready in before the Ceremony (and to change again after the Ceremony if required) is also included.

  • A Ceremony Only Wedding must be held on a Monday or Tuesday if booked more then 6 months ahead, or a Wednesday or Thursday if booked within the next 6 months, to avoid blocking off a day for any full weddineg reception that may want the date.

3 Optional Extras

1. Add White Chair Covers and Bows for £1.50 a chair - minimum price £15.00 for minimum of 10 chairs.

2. Additional daytime use of rooms for guests to change in - £50 per en-suite (to allow for thorough cleaning before and after each use).

3. Add £150 for exclusive use for up to 2 hours of the Conservatory - only if weather is bad. You may need this internal space within the Castle for Welcome Drinks if the weather is inclement on the day. Kindly note that the bar will not be open unless you have a large gathering that are likely to use the bar in addition to having welcome drinks. Only the Conservatory can be made available as an extra, not the rest of the Castle.

Weddings Venue South Wales Craig y Nos Castle Members Wedding Package
South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle Weekday Wedding Package

Our Ceremony Only Wedding only allows for the use of the Theatre, which you enter via the Theatre glass doors, and the Courtyard or Theatre Gardens for welcome drinks served outside. You may also use the Castle's Lower Gardens for special photos. Access to the Castle proper may not be available for your guests if there are other booked events taking place inside.

Upgrade to any Full Wedding Package in 2022-2024
for a full wedding or anniversary celebration with all your guests

on any date within 6 months of  your 'Ceremony only Wedding'

and we will deduct your 'Ceremony Only' £500 fee
off the cost of your chosen wedding package.

If within 6 months of your Ceremony Only Wedding you book a Full Wedding Event for 2022-4, you may deduct the £500 cost of your Ceremony Only from your wedding deposit on any 2022-2024 wedding package.

This means the £500 cost of your Ceremony in the Theatre, can be entirely offset from the cost of any of our Wedding Packages on this site.

You will need to pay the Registrar their fee for marrying you, and would need to hire a Celebrant for your subsequent  formal wedding, anniversary celebration or any 'Renewal of Vows' event later.

To take up this offer you simply book both your 'Ceremony only' date now. The £500 for your Ceremony Only event is then deducted from the standard deposit (£2,000) if you later book one of our wedding packages.

This Upgrade Offer can be taken at the time of booking your Ceremony Only wedding. You can also upgrade at any time up to the actual date of your Wedding Ceremony, or within a 6 month period after your Ceremony.
Intimate Small Wedding Packages South Wales Wedding Venue
South Wales Wedding Venue Craig y Nos Castle
Get Married now for £500
then have your main wedding reception
on or near an anniversary date
a year or two later
using a 'Celebrant'

Can't budget to get married now?

Yes, you can!  

Marry for £500* now and book your main wedding reception and full Wedding Day for 2023/2024, giving you 2 - 3 years to save up for your Dream Wedding Day at Craig y Nos Castle.

Then you can even pay towards your wedding in advance, in small monthly instalments.


*£500 is the cost for using the Opera House and having Welcome Drinks etc - see what's included here.

You will separately need to book and pay the Registrar to actually marry you. See registrar's details here.

Theatre gardens at Craig y Nos Castle Weddings
Theatre gardens at Craig y Nos Castle Weddings

Ceremony Only Wedding
- is it really 'for free'?

If you book a full Wedding Day with Craig y Nos, your £500 is 100% off-settable against your deposit for a full wedding reception later - read more here.

This means if you book your main event with us, you will have your earlier Ceremony Only Wedding with us, effectively for 'free'

Book your main Wedding Day
within 6 months of your Ceremony Only Wedding

You can either choose to upgrade to our Last Minute Wedding Package here (date range is specified on the page),

Or for later dates, choose our Weekend Wedding Package here

  • Any wedding package you book will in turn be transferable free of charge, to any later date if it is necessary to postpone due to any revival of the Coronavirus restrictions. (We recommend you ask for similar terms from any wedding suppliers where possible.)  Free postponements of all weddings booked have been our policy for all existing clients and we will continue to offer free transfer forward of any wedding date if the date has to be postponed due to Coronavirus.
To book a viewing of Craig y Nos Castle

  • Coronavirus Guarantee: Should any subsequent revision of Coronavirus Restrictions prevent a Ceremony Only Wedding from taking place on your chosen date, we will offer you a full refund of your £500 Ceremony Only fee, or the option to postpone free of charge to a later date, whichever you prefer.

Hiring your Wedding Celebrant
for a full wedding later

If you get married under our Ceremony Only offer, you can still book a Wedding Package later as above. You would then repeat the Wedding Ceremony on your Wedding Reception Date with all guests present, when you are ready to have a full wedding celebration.

As you will already be legally married, you do not need to re-hire the Registrar (indeed you would not be able to) at this subsequent full wedding reception. Instead you will have a beautiful personalised wedding ceremony created for you by a Wedding Celebrant.

This means you can still have your everything-you-dreamed-of Wedding Day, with a full Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Photographs, Welcome Drinks, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Party later, when the time is right for you.

Under this system you have the Legal part of the wedding only, first, and the main Wedding Celebrations, Ceremony, Wedding Photographs and Reception, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Party later - with a Celebrant creating your perfect "Wedding Ceremony".

Here is a celebrant: Helen Williams / Wedding & Family Celebrant - contact her on info@treasuredceremonies.co.uk / 07986 526732.

Ceremony Only Weddings Venue South Wales Craig y Nos Castle

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