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Availability Calendar Colour chart and notes

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Coronavirus has resulted in many 2020 weddings skipping a year into 2021 in accordance with our Coronavirus Policy here. Many 2021 weddings are postponing again, into 2022, so dates are going fast in 2022.

Yellow shaded dates with black font are 'new weddings' that have reserved but not yet 'booked'. Dates with red font and yellow shading are 'pencilled in' transfer dates for our existing 2021 wedding clients who have provisionally reserved a new 2022 date ahead of officially moving their original date. These will be released again if their original date can go ahead.

*** If you are interested in one of the pencilled in dates, join the Privileged List for first refusal on any pencilled in dates if/ when they become available again (or email your wedding planner).

All 'moved' weddings revert to their normal colour according to the type of wedding package booked, once the date transfer is officially confirmed.
Event Type
Public Rooms
NoneNo event bookedAvailableDate unbooked and available
ReservedWedding Date Reserved'Reservation fee' paid by a NEW wedding client
ReservedPencilled in forward date
This is a second date Reserved in case COVID regs prevent original wedding date going ahead
SWPSpecial Weekend WeddingExclusiveEnsuites only for wedding guests
Weekend Excusive DealExclusive
UWPUltimate WeddingExclusive Fewer rooms may be used by wedding guests on these packages. This means more rooms may be available for guests of the next day's wedding.
LMWPLast Minute Weddings Cons/ Nici
AFESWPArmed Forces WeddingExclusive
Midweek WeddingsCons/ Nici
IWPIntimate Wedding PackageCons/ Nici
COWCeremony Only WeddingAvailableOne room ceremony only; so other events can be booked
SWEEPEvening EntertainmentFunction Rm
B&B may not be much used by event, so B&B may be available for non event guests
PROMStudents PromFunction Rm
G.H.O.S.TCastle run Ghost TourAvailable
B&B open to non event guests & Eve Meals served.

On grey shaded dates we are able to offer weddings with no or very low B&B use.
B&B fullBedrooms fullybooked by next day's weddingAvailable
EventsConferences, Luncheons Group Ghost Tours, teasPartly Booked

Any unshaded date is available to book.

Any very light green shaded date is a Ceremony Only Wedding so we CAN accommodate any full wedding package on these light green dates.

Grey shaded dates are where all the bedrooms are booked but we can accommodate a wedding not using or needing any accommodation on these Grey shaded dates.

18/05/2021: If you are interested in a small marquee wedding, please complete an enquiry form / viewing request and discuss dates with the wedding planners. Marquee weddings can only be offered in summer, as weather conditions in Winter will be too windy and cold for an open sided marquee. Below are some pictures of our first COVID compliant 'Small Marquee' Wedding.
Marquee Wedding Craig y Nos Castle
Marquee Wedding Craig y Nos Castle
Marquee Wedding Craig y Nos Castle
Marquee Wedding Craig y Nos Castle

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Not only have over 100 2020 year Couples postponed into 2021/22 but now many 2021 weddings are postponing into 2022 also. There's a full year's worth of weddings that want to book into 2022 - once lockdown ends. There's a risk 'new' Couples will find FEW weekend dates left in 2022 (nor even, many summer weekdays either). However this will reverse if COVID 'social distancing' is lifted soon, as if more 2021 weddings can go ahead, many yellow pencilled in dates on the 2022 chart will be released again. We still do not know how long 'social distancing' rules will continue, forcing more postponements into 2022.  

"Wonderful wedding in unusual setting and staff that gave more than 100%. The castle is quirky and full of character with amazing views and walks. The wedding breakfast and buffet delivered much.... " Read more

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